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Basic Notary Supply List Once you have become a registered Notary Public, you will need to determine exactly what tools of the trade you require. Unlike many other professions, you won�t need a lot of materials to complete your tasks. Most of the materials that you will need come in the form of information and/or education.

To determine exactly what you may need, you must first determine what type of Notary services you will provide. There are different forms of Notary Publics and each has different needs. Some may be able to handle property or medical issues. A Mobile Notary will probably require portable tools. Necessary materials may include certain information related to corporation setup, share holder stock certificate information, or seals for corporate companies.

As you�re surfing the web today, you could easily find thousands of articles or websites that pertain to notaries or Notary supplies. There are many corporate kits available now for someone to set up a limited liability company, non-profit organization, etc. In many common Notary tool kits, you will find Notary journals, acknowledgement forms, stamps, inkless fingerprinting devices, recession calendars (loan officers), identification cards, and websites. Tax information, planning issues, hiring information and techniques, IRS help lines and tax filing tools may also be items to consider. Beginner kits are highly recommended until you get used to what supplies you need to have and which ones you can do without. Below, you will find a list of guidelines for basic and essential supplies.

- Keep yourself organized with a Notary journal or Notary receipt book.

- In the event of a mistake, you may want to protect yourself with an Errors and Omissions Insurance Policy.

- To make sure your Notary certificates comply with state law wording requirements, consider investing in Ordinary Acknowledgments or Jurat with Affiant Statements that are created specifically for your state of residence and business.

- It�s always a good idea to be aware of new and already in place state laws. Consider investing in an online subscription or book that contains unauthorized practices and other case materials for notaries.

- The last thing you want is to be in the presence of a current or potential customer and not have business cards on hand. It is now easier than ever to order low-cost business cards online.

- Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington are a few states that require the posting of fee schedules. Look into your state�s requirements for further information. You can find Notary fee schedules online for around $10.

- For even more information on the specific supply requirements your state has, invest in a Notary reference manual that details US state requirements.

- There are a number of seals on the market today, including motorized, pocket, and desk seals. Each one of these requires different inks, power, and space. Some of the electric seals offer between 20,000-200,000 impressions per lifetime. You may be tempted to go fancy at first, but first consider whether or not you will need a portable stamp (mobile notaries). Stamps are relatively cheap ranging from $8-$50.

Always make sure that you have done your homework prior to making a purchase Check on state requirements and be true to any budget you�ve put in place. These will be your tools of the trade and you will utilize them in your everyday business.

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