Hurt in an accident,and don't know how to proceed

Need help with your Workers Compensation Claim

Automobile & Truck Accidents

Slip & Fall

Product liability

Nursing Home Abuse

Wrongful Death

Wage Claims,Not getting paid for overtime

Claims for Homeowner Only.

Need Help with your house going into Foreclosure

For all other types of Claims please feel free to call and I can assist you with getting you to the right type of attorney.

We currently have referral Attorney's for Florida,Georgia and New York.

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Automobile & Truck Accidents
Slip & Fall
Workers Compensation
Product liability
Nursing Home Abuse
Wrongful Death
Wage Claims
Insurance Claims.

                              NO NEED TO TRAVEL SO FAR !!!!!!

If you are an Attorney looking for a Client Intake Investigator.
You came to the right place.
We will go to the Clients house and sign them up for your firm.
All information is then faxed to your office as soon the paperwork is signed.
Followed by Hard Copy to your location.
I currently have a slot open for the Sarasota /Bradenton & Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area's.
I you have any clients in this area that you need to contact please call me.As soon as we get the contact information,we call and set the appointment usually within  a 24 hour time line.
We will be adding more services areas soon.You also may call for a travel quote.